mercoledì 14 agosto 2013

PLACES TO BE ♯1: Frau Gerold's Garden

One of my favorite places in Zurich is _unfortunately only in summer :( _ Frau Gerold's Garden.
The name is really appropriate as it is a garden, a real one, with plants all around and pots of flowers and herbs everywhere.

The bar belongs to the grunge area behind Hardbrücke train station, the one with the well-known-in-Zurich FREITAG tower, where exhibitions take place and shops of emerging brands fill in the containers, leit motiv of the area (needless to say that I have found a shop where to buy WONDERFUL bags ;) )

The place is very easy, rare for Zurich (this is probably why we like it so much); you serve yourself at the bar (food and drinks are quite good) and there is no one coming and asking "do you want another one?" even before you finish the first beer!! (very annoying and irritating habit in Zurich bars! grrrr...).

As the place is quite wide, they have a very cool tool for the orders of food. When you order something to eat, at the kitchen they give you this weird techno disc.

When it vibrates, it means your food is ready and you can go and pick it up at the desk. How cool is that?? =D

We really enjoy the place every time we go there; wonder why we don't go more often ;)

Vi lascio con il loro cartello di saluto :)


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