lunedì 12 agosto 2013


What do you do on a sunny-but-not-too-warm Sunday afternoon to fight the stress of a whole week making boxes?...
We decided to go for a walk, knowing that a stroll in the nearby forest would wipe away all tiredness and would avoid us to be stuck with the planning for the next week.
We knew there are some ruins of a castle somewhere close and we decide that could be the good day to find them.
We started following the "Kuhschwanz" path (cow tail)

and that path lead us to the Rumensee and then to the next village and the next lake and from there to the next forest: our goal.

We have found out a huge wonderful forest, with a river flowing just in the middle of it and lots of BBQ places where to spend a nice Sunday with friends.
After choosing our way a bit randomly, we finally found the way to the Wulpe ruins (the steepest way, I'd say...)

Some stairs and some stops after, we finally got to the ruins. They are on the very top of the hill and you really feel the "king of the world" (cit.) once you get there -probably more for the fact that you made it than because you are on top ;)

Anyway, on the way down our next goal was to find this:

There is ALWAYS  a fountain close in Switzerland! and considering we forgot our water and we had been walking for 2 and a half hr., that saved us :)

After drinking and founding a small library on a bench (see here), we decided it was time to go home.

That was an amazing 3 hrs. walk and a great discovery of the neighborhood.
Could do that again =D

Stay tuned

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