lunedì 22 luglio 2013

NEW IN of the weekend

I know, I'm kind of late with the posting of my new entries of last weekend, when I was in Italy... =/
it will come, don't worry ;) it has been a bit busy last week...

In the meantime, I have two NEW IN from this weekend =D

a very nice jeans-blue shirt with small buttons and a bit of white lace on the shoulders (I love lace) :)
it seems to be jeans but in fact it is of a very light cotton, perfect for these hot days!

the other one is a white top with a blue decoration South Tirol style ;)
I love it! I wore it yesterday and it's very light and fresh!

See you to the next post with the Italian NEW IN!
stay tuned

P.S. they are both of Jessica Pure

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